The Neagh Bann International River Basin District (IRBD) incorporates all of County Armagh, large parts of Antrim, Louth, Monaghan and Londonderry, significant areas of Down, Meath and Tyrone and small areas of Cavan and Fermanagh. It encompasses catchments of the rivers Bann, Newry and Glyde, and main lakes Neagh, Muckno, Emy, Bracken and Glaslough, along with the coastline of counties Louth and Down on the south and Londonderry/Derry on the north where the Bann flows into the North Channel at Portstewart Bay, and all the groundwater of the region.


Contact Details of the Neagh Bann River Basin District Project Office are

Neagh Bann International River Basin District
Project Coordinator: Mr. Martin Murray
Email: mpmurray[at]
Phone: 047-30553
Address: Martin Murray, Monaghan County Council, Council Offices, The Glen, Monaghan

SWAN National and Local Groups operating in Neagh Bann RBD are: