save the swilly

Save The Swilly was launched in 2001 as an umbrella organisation comprising more than 30 groups and representing several thousand members concerned about the failure to implement integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) in Lough Swilly. The immediate concern related to the proliferation of aquaculture licences in Lough Swilly with little or no consultation. The group’s position on aquaculture has widened to encompass all threats to this important and magnificent water body. Specifically, Save The Swilly seeks the introduction of a comprehensive Integrated Coastal Zone Management strategy for Lough Swilly, and full compliance with the Water Framework Directive.

Contact details:

Contact name: John Mulcahy (Spokesperson) or  Tony Morrison
E-mail: jonmul[at] or info[at]
Telephone: +353 74951-59113 or +353 86-2808 636
Postal Address: John  Mulcahy, Carrablagh House, Portsalon, Co. Donegal