This paper written by the SWAN office in conjunction with Dr. Harriet Emerson is a referenced version of the paper presented by Sinead & Harriet at the June EPA water conference. This in turn was based on the 2013 “SWAN Recommendations for Public Participation Mechanisms in the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government 3-Tier Water Governance Proposal.”, which SWAN members contributed to through a dedicated workshop that year. This represents a culmination of SWAN’s work – research and practical experience – on public participation in water governance and WFD implementation over the past decade. However, it is important to stress that it is not SWAN’s absolute position on stakeholder engagement in water management; it was agreed that, for pragmatic reasons and to maximise the chance of influencing decision-makers, we would tailor our recommendations to the 3-Tier structure that DECLG has put in place.

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