The Carra Mask Corrib Water Protection Group deal with a large variety of water quality issues affecting, or likely to affect the water quality of the catchment. The Group in conjunction with the angling clubs and Federations keep a watching brief on developments and licenses that have potential to impact water quality.

The Group pays close attention to all emerging environmental legislation be it EU or National. The Group monitors the implementation of this legislation by the local authorities and will lobby and provide feedback where appropriate. The group participates in and put forward submissions to the National Environmental NGO’s under its umbrella Group SWAN (Sustainable Water Network) focusing mainly on the Water Framework Directive.

Major Objectives:

  • Be the focal point for water quality issues impacting the catchment.
  • To take specific, urgent action when water quality is deemed to be at risk due to breach of legislation or the development of unauthorised programmes or events.
  • To review, discuss and provide feedback on all EU and National environmental legislation.
  • To monitor the implementation of all environmental practices impacting water quality and take all necessary action to ensure compliance.
  • To lobby politicians and Local Authority personnel to ensure water quality issues remain high on their agenda.
  • To increase public awareness and participation in water quality awareness programmes.

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