The Irish Seal Sanctuary’s mission statement is as follows:

As the principal object, the provision of a sanctuary for rescued marine wildlife and all other types of rescued wildlife, and in particular seals, is to provide shelter, rehabilitation and preparation for release for such wildlife and to protect, conserve and study such wildlife. The ISS also strives to cultivate interest, understanding and concern for welfare and conservation issues in Ireland in all matters relating to the composition, condition and development of the natural environment and in particular the marine environment and all the life forms of whatsoever nature therein contained; and furthermore to communicate such concerns to the international community.

Further objectives are welfare, education, research and conservation and this brief is rooted in the twin principles and beliefs that:

  • Nature conservation can only succeed by the efforts of nations full of nature watchers.
  • Nature conservation can only succeed by also conserving human settlements and communities, in our case, the emphasis being on threatened coastal communities.

Contact details:

Contact name: Brendan Price
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Telephone:  01 8354487
Postal Address: Tobergregan, Garristown, Co. Dublin, A42 A90
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