Longford Environmental Alliance is a voluntary and independent group of individuals whose aims are to raise awareness of environmental issues in County Longford through actions and education.

This group was formed following a Longford Community Resources Limited (LCRL) community education funded initiative on Sustainable Environmental Education and Development.

The Aims of LEA are:

  • To promote environmental awareness, education and activism and to attempt to raise the awareness of the local community to current local and global environmental issues.   The group’s main concern is for enacting change on the local level, while also promoting awareness of national and global issues;
  • To develop and maintain a network of environmental and social justice organisations;
  • To provide an open forum conductive to the free exchange of ideas and information about environmentally related issues;
  • To focus energy on the immediate issues concerning the local community.   The group will provide an opportunity to transform this awareness and idealism into useful and effective local action and involvement.

Contact details:

Website: www.lea.ie