Slaney River Trust represents clubs, fishery owners and anglers on the River Slaney who are committed to working in partnership with communities in the Slaney Valley, with Government at national and local level, as well as others who have an interest in improving the ecology, fisheries and wildlife of the river
Slaney River Trust Objectives are:

  • Involving local communities in the Slaney Valley in the regeneration of the river, raising their awareness of the river environment, its wildlife, salmon and trout stocks and its ecology through a programme of education, training and special events.
  • Developing a self-sustaining River Trust in South East Ireland as the focal point for community-led monitoring, protection and promotion of rivers and the recreational and educational benefits they can offer to the local community and visiting tourists.
  • Promoting the conservation and recovery of the Slaney salmon stock- salmon being a ‘feature’ for which the River Slaney has been designated as a candidate Special Area* of Conservation under the EU Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), Annexe 2 of which categorises the Atlantic Salmon as a ‘protected species’.
  • Increasing recreational and tourist angling on the river via community-led promotional and tourist-support activities underpinning the work of South East Regional Tourism Authority and the Eastern Regional Fisheries Board.

Contact details:
Contact name: Tom Mernagh
E-mail: click here
Telephone: + 353 1 6687014
Postal Address: 7 Appian Way, Dublin 6, Ireland